KAGAMI Smile – “Coastal Loop”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

KAGAMI Smile is an experimental electronic producer from Shenzhen who utilizes lo-fi atmospherics and minimal soundscapes to channel deeply intimate and cerebral moods. He released several terrific records last year, including the frenetic and staticky Anxiety as well as the deeply psychedelic and meditative Mirror. Now he’s blessed us with another stunning sonic tapestry with new track “Coastal Loop.”

Stuttering synth stabs and crunchy rumbles of feedback coalesce around a pulsating beat, yielding a spiritual journey that is peppered with occasional heady, momentum-shifting detours. The track’s gazing and wandering momentum never lets up, and its wide-eyed, wondrous vibe expands as the track adds more waves of haze and  atmopsheric glitches. KAGAMI Smile is a master of channeling the gamut of inner emotions, and his knack for otherworldly psychedelic sounds provides the perfect vessel for that. Overall, its a slithery slice of dreamy, ambient electronica, and another triumph for KAGAMI Smile. Listen to it below via Soundcloud.