Kandur, “Did You Ever”

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Istanbul native-cum-San Francisco transplant Ilker Kandur is making a name for himself in alternative rock. Kandur’s upcoming EP, Fantasy, is comprised of four songs that he co-created with Dawn Richardson (4 Non Blondes, Tracy Chapman) in the mold of their shared classic rock influences. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of lead single and opening track “Did You Ever”.

“Did You Ever” has an almost sinister feel to it – 100% because of the featured guitar – that is both more evil and somehow more ethereal with the added vocals. First feathery light, almost a dark whisper, and then brought in stronger, belting, in the chorus. The emotion of the song is palpable with each note as he sings about seeing the light – perhaps the bright side of things – and noticing the goodness in simplicity and fleeting moments.

And praise whatever deity you hail for that gnarly guitar solo.

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