Kembe X's Self Rule

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Self Rule Kembe X

It should not be treated as a guarantee to greatness when an MC claims the South side of Chicago, but it is important to keep an ear to those windy streets for the next great MC to rep the lower district of the Chi. At 17 years of age, Kembe X of The Village crew still has some growing to do, but time on his side to do so. The South side MC's Self Rule tape features production by Ju Malone, Omari Brown, Daniel Martinez, and Apollo Brown. It's a soulful collection of beats that compliment Kembe's grew-up-rough rhymes and tenacious delivery. He's not as rapid fire, in a Do Or Die manner, but rather writes with little waste for words. The directness reflects his hunger to be heard loud and clear.

Kembe X, “Visions”

Download Kembe X's Self Rule here.