Kendrick Lamar collabs with Gucci Mane

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Vanity Slaves Pt. 2

On the same week that Rick Ross celebrated his 35th birthday with Diddy and Skateboard P by dropping a milli in a high end Miami strip club, Kendrick Lamar proved once again why he's one of the most compelling young talents in music by dropping “Vanity Slaves Pt.2” featuring Gucci Mane.

Lamar tweetedWhen approaching music, one of my main focus is to NEVER BE PREDICTABLE” only 10 minutes ago, then provided a streaming link to his collaboration with mush-mouth southern swag-master Gucci Mane. Kendrick Lamar explores his struggle with hypocrisy as he contemplates whether to burn his wardrobe or cop more Gucci clothes. The unpredictability of “Vanity Slaves Pt.2” is it technically does not feature Gucci Mane, but utilizes his “Burrr” calls and a few shouts of “Gucci!” to emphasize Lamar's turmoil to cry “fuck a life savings / overdraft bank statements / just to make a statement.”

Vanity Slave Pt 2 ft. Gucci Mane by TopDawgENT

The original version of “Vanity Slaves” can be heard on Kendrick Lamar's free EP from 2009.