Kindling, Galaxies EP

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Kindling Galaxies

Creating a mood is tantamount to carving out an original sound. Musicians like Brian Eno, Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine and Beach House have made careers out of other-worldy tones that are relatable all the same. Kindling, a new project from singer Stephen Pierce and drummer Andy Skelly, both of Massachusetts hardcore band Ampere, follows in the shoegazing footsteps of MBV on their new Galaxies EP.

Crunchy guitar and fill-heavy, thumping drums create a wall of sound that drowns out the twin male/female vocal dynamic, leaving melody is all that is rendered intelligible across the four-song EP. The absence of pronounced words allow the listener to choose their own adventure when it comes to atmosphere. And there are galaxies worth here.

Galaxies will be released on November 6 via No Idea Records. You can stream it in its entirety below.