Kool A.D., The Palm Wine/Drinkard

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The Palm Wine/Drinkard

Victor Vasquez, a.k.a Kool A.D., is the first up of Das Racist to release a solo mixtape in 2012 and boy, is it straaaaange. Vasquez begins the mixtape by either sampling a fractured and noisy guitar solo( or possibly playing it himself) into Outkast's “SpottieOttieDopealiscious”. It's inspires reactions like, “Alright, dude…” The mixtape continues down puzzling paths that lend hints to its namesake. The Palm Wine/Drinkard feels as though it was conceptualized in a binge of wine, Miami booty bass, DJ Screw mixtapes and accidentally clicking play on a Drake's “Marvin's Room”, but then letting it party. Vasquez is hammered and horny as hell for 41-minutes. The Palm Wine/Drinkard displays the difference between the musician and the common man. The common man gets drunk and randy and either tries to mate or simulates it at a strip club or with a hand/doll/suspiciously dick-sized hole. The musician unwinds by writing a Luke-inspired song called “Titties Out”.

Kool A.D., “Titties Out”

Download The Palm Wine/Drinkard mixtape here.