Laelia – Television

Brazil born, London based femme fatale Laélia paints her art with eclectic musical brush that sits between the 80s and 90s. Her music is an emphatic, crunchy style of electro-pop that touches on the retro, while maintaining a powerful production standard

Her background in the theatre influences her explosive energy, resulting in powerful performances. Her passion for pop music and the desire to dance to the beat of her own drum led Laélia away from the theatre stages to share her aperture on music, and the story continues with Television. Working closely with emerging producer Inu The Strange, Laélia’s vocals reach anthemic status on this darkly mystifying track which perfectly encapsulates the peak of her energy.

On the track, Laelia states: “This song is special to me. Inu the Strange had this crazy idea and I fell in love with it. We worked together from songwriting all the way to the video production and I think we managed to tell this very dark story without losing the catchy pop essence.”