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Sjimon Gompers

Last month we talked space tourism and astronomy passions with Maryland’s Lance Neptune, and now present an exclusive stream of his new album, Synthesis. An interstellar galactic voyage of his design, Lance described his labor of love like the best top-secret NASA mission yet:


Synthesis will take you on a journey through different galaxies in hope of discovering new planets with life. I made Synthesis to show my growth and potential as an artist. This is my first album I’ve released, and I hope you all enjoy it!

The opening ceremony begins with the title track, where the the natural, emulated, and imitated funnel into a galaxy bound for adventure on “Galast”. The glow and reflection from the planets and star clusters of constellations keeps everything rotating in the head floating electronic pools of “Pink Violet”, while heat and light sources are paramount to the bright beat sequences of “Sky Lights”. One of the tricks of Lance Neptune’s galactic-electro trade is how his productions draw the audience’s attention toward the understated areas of the mix, such as the places that lie between the field samples (abstract vocal loops, sounds of running water, and other natural audio elements) and the sustained environments created by the synthesizers.

In this world everything is experimentation, exploration and discovery, like the much beloved single, “Cosmic Oceans”, where bold and bewildering bodies of water can be heard percolating in the hidden seas that exist in planetary systems of the known and lesser known. It is these mysteries of earth and space sciences that Neptune presents in music that follows flight paths chartered toward new destinations; where the conventional production of wisdom is exchanged for alternate forms of composition and configuration. Closing on “N47”, vocal stems slowly fade out in a subtle supernova, and settles into a smooth tarmac landing that holds the answer of where Lance Neptune will route his next atmospheric odyssey.

Synthesis is available now.

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