Larry Gus, 24 Beats

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larry gus

We love, love, love, love, LOVE beat tapes. The evolution of the beat tape to the level of public consumption is one of our favorite adjustments to the hip hop genre. Whether it's MF Doom's Special Herbs series, Madlib's Beat Konducta series or just a solid collection of beats on a Bandcamp page from some dude with zero credentials, we'll let it party for the sole reason that few things please us more than a good beat tape.

Another good reason beat tapes are the bee's knees is they are generally free or come at a very reasonable price. The price for Larry Gus' 24 Beats tape is a fine example of a reasonable pricing: “Like” Waaga on Facebook.

Stipulations can be a bother, but this one is worth it. Larry Gus' 24 Beats was made with the Madlib tapes in mind. The Greek producer's beats feel as though they were farmed from the dustiest Grecian folk and classical records. It's a tape that kindly informs the Beat Konducta that there's no digging to be done in Greece. Larry Gus got there first and cleaned every shop in Milan out.

Larry Gus, “Bedroom Adventures”