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Sam Hillmer of Diamond Terrifier doesn't like being called names. You can't say he's “avant”, nor can you say he's a “ginger”. But what you can say is that he is the Brooklyn's ultimate saxophone optimist. As part of the run-up to the release of his new record on Northern Spy, Diamond Terrifier is curating a series in a variety of club settings in New York called PRACTICE. The lineup is complicated, so here it is just liste

1/8 @ The Cake Shop in New York w/ High Life

1/10 @ Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn, Diamond Terrifier will be providing a live score for the film Shaman of the Blind Country, narrated by William S. Burroughs

1/14 @ Shea Stadium in Brooklyn w/ Controlled Bleeding, Dan Friel
1/17 @ Zebulon in Brooklyn (FREE!): PRACTICE! w/ guests Lichens, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix (Liturgy), LZA/Dutch E. Germ (Gang Gang Dance) w/ DJS Laurel Halo, The Oracle
1/18 @ Littlefield in Brooklyn w/ Patrick Higgins and Eric Wubbles + DJ sets from The Oracle
1/19 @ La Sala in Brooklyn w/ Extra Life
1/24 @ Union Pool in Brooklyn w/ Dan Friel and Grooms + The Oracle DJs
1/31 @ Zebulon in Brooklyn, NY (FREE!): PRACTICE! w/ guests Dan Friel, GDFX, Rat Attack, w/ DJS Chief Boima (Dutty Artz), The Oracle
As you can see, the series is star-studded. I think the most interesting events will either be the first date at Zebulon or the event at the Spectacle Theater.
You can listen to a track from Diamond Terrifier here, a piece called “It's Already the End of the World”, which is a Sun Ra quote. The record Kill the Self That Wants to Kill Your Self comes out September.

Diamond Terrifier “It's Already After The End Of The World” @ Freedom Garden 10-8-2011 by Northern Spy Records