Lazurite, “The Moon Reversed”

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Lazurite is the mineral form of the gemstone Lapis Lazuli, which is known for its deep blue color, and its non-reflective luster. Lazurite was crushed into powder and blended to make the blue paint of the old masters. I bring this up because when thinking about Brooklyn resident Megan Moncrief's musical project Lazurite, it's interesting to bring up the idea of the absorption of light. The darker a pigment is, the more light it absorbs without reflecting. But where does the light go, once it hits the substance? I think that Moncrief is imagining that idea through sound, and “The Moon Reversed”, the title track on the album Secular Geometry, is easy to imagine as being the murky, dark world inside of the color blue, where the light lives but does not prosper and bounce around. The song is a slow moving drone, with all the tones scraping along the processional march, and a steady but distorted beat keeping the light prisoner inside this dark blue stone.

You can download the song or buy the handmade tape from the Bandcamp page.