Lee Bannon, “Heretic/Priscillian Acid”

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Appropriately dubbed “Heretic/Priscillian Acid”, the latest release from Sacramento-bred, NY-based Ninja Tune producer Lee Bannon is quite the hysteric, head-spinning trip.

A whirlwind of Bannon’s signature brand of dark-leaning drum n’ bass, the track features sharp synth lines and a bristling breakbeat you don’t see coming. It’s a startling, shocking track that plunges you deep into a murky, dystopian playground, and will keep you questioning what’s lurking behind the following interlude.

Simultaneously mesmerizing and menacing, Bannon’s jagged production layered atop syncopated bass, buzzing synths and industrial-tinged samples make for an incredibly intimidating yet enticing track. In fact, it’s so ominously alluring that you’ll ignore the distorted vocals booming “danger” at the beginning. Because even if you get stuck in the impending 4/4 firestorm, the fry will be well worth it.