Leland Sundries, “Studebaker”

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Leland Sundries has just released their music video for “Studebaker,” and it’s awesome. The band, led by Nick Loss-Eaton, is from New York. The group’s dedication to storytelling is definitely apparent in their music, as well as in this new video.

Directed by Levi Bechtel in Colorado and NYC, “Studebaker,” simply put, is an all American feel good song. This tune has a folk song feel to it, and the tap of the tambourine will guide you through their musical story. The visuals are beautifully done. This video takes you through many different settings- snowy open fields, old-fashioned bars, musky dance floors, graffiti-ed urban streets, and chilly rooftops, just to name a few. People, old and young, are talking and dancing and seem to just be enjoying life and each other’s company. There’s a longing for connection, and to not be alone. This a video that is certainly worth watching.

Leland Sundries plays Green River Festival on Saturday and Mercury Lounge on July 11th.

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