Quadruple backlash surgery

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What a week to overload your bandwidth.

Mainly for Liars, who serve up a truly slick and stunning video that teaches a lesson, about leaving rocks where you found them. Also, Gorillaz give us 36 seconds of whatever-ness. And in other, deeply pressing news, we're still waiting for Die Antwoord to land a risky quadruple-backlash, after which they are worshiped as gods among us, never to be questioned for their authenticity or choice of undergarments again. This will probably happen around the same time the world is ready for a Vanilla Ice reunion tour. Until then, did you catch them when they were art school prissies? (Scroll down to the last video.)

Liars, “Scissor”

Playing out Lost fantasies in style.

Growing, “Massive Dropout” vignette

Gorillaz teaser

Normally we wouldn't include a 36 second promo video for an upcoming album, but we got a soft spot for these Billboard primates.

Nottz, “Shine So Brite” (Tribute To J. Dilla)

Golden Triangle, “Neon Noose”

Mazzi & Sneakas Ft. MC Serch, “Most Hated”

Nothin' like a little Jew vs. Shiite rap.


A video to accompany the Teleportation portion of their new double CD.

Pill Wonder, “Wishing Whale”

Bodhi “Warm Side”

Episode two from the Feels Like Home video series at Into the Woods.

La The Darkman, “Ice Cold Guinness”

Could have done without the reflection of the camera man in the glass.

Tan Dollar, “The Turning Point”

The Phenomenal Handclap Band “Baby”

Dirty Projectors + Solange during Fashion Week

Performing Groove Theory's “Tell Me” and DP's “Stillness is the Move”.

Dassie, off MaxNormal.TV

Via Videogum.