Lionshare, “Stay Grounded”

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It's a common practice amongst artists and musicians to purposely let one's physical appearance fall to shambles in order to increase creative productivity. It's the notion that a ratty beard or hairy legs or, in the case of Lionshare, wearing Crocs, will make it easier to avoid the temptations that lurk around every looming corner.

On “Stay Grounded” Lionshare are not handling the party scene avoidance very well, as they are still at the soiree in the company of a girl who's on a booger sugar bender, but the power of the Crocs gives them an outsider's perspective. The message is to try for a grounded lifestyle, even if it means looting someone's condo for literature to fill the time, but Lionshare recognize that there's little hurry if you're still well connected to the party freight train.

“Stay Grounded” is off Lionshare's Trip To Feza & Three Songs From Twenty-Eleven EP, which is available on iTunes. On Monday the EP will be streaming and available for free download at Lionsharenyc.

The group recently dropped a video for “Zebra Cakes” as well.