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To coincide with the resurrection, Friday Night is back up in your weekend. We should never have left you, but we return with gifts.

Greg Fox, a.k.a GDFX, is one talented mo-fo. He can put heads to bed with expansive ambient breakbeats that drift across the Milk Way or he can snap necks with thumping Star Fox boss level beats that will knock Stephen Hawking out of his wheel chair. Being the good-natured, love spreading Brooklynite that he is, Gregory made a song exclusively for our Friday Night series.

“∆” is a meteor shower of synths with a booming bassline that will stomp through your stereo system and just for good measure, GDFX shows what this beat sounds like under water. Warning: adjust your levels appropriately before playing this at top volume. Major thanks go out to GDFX for being a little hero and giving Friday Night new life. Speaking of Fridays, GDFX is playing the Cakeshop on Tuesday October 6 and Death By Audio Wednesday October 14.