Listen: Golden Triangle dude creates the lowest-fi.

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Another website may have documented his ability to pull off The Worm on top of a crowd, but we have uncovered a little solo action from the guitar plucker of Brooklyns musical acid trip, Golden Triangle going under the moniker of XRay Eyeballs. Complete with ex-members of the Black Lips helping him out on stuff that sounds something like The Wipers getting darkwave in some bedroom in Bushwick.

Our young troubador is the gentleman pictured above with King Khan, possibly about to cause trouble.

XRay Eyeballs, “Po'Jam”

XRay Eyeballs, “XRay Eyeballs Theme”

XRay Eyeballs, “Four”

XRay Eyeballs, “Fake Wedding”

XRay Eyeballs, “New Wave”

XRay Eyeballs, “Drums of Dead”

XRay Eyeballs, “Blessed Kids”

Download all the above XRay Eyeballs tracks