Log Across the Washer, “Sit Around and Talk A Lot”

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log across

If through your tender adolescence you were convinced that Doug Martsch wrote some of the most nuanced love songs you'd ever heard, by this point in your life, you'll be begging for Log Across the Washer. Forgive the convoluted pseudonym and give “Sit Around and Talk a Lot” a listen; you'll learn that nerd, emo romance did not die with the early 00s and the introduction of Tumblr. In fact, it kept going and lives on in men like Tyler Keene, who insist on bringing up hair-playing imagery and the laid-back, simplistic desire to just sit around and talk a lot. The tendency to overexplain and give too much detail is somewhat of a nervous tick in the song, making it all the more endearing of a listen. In its twitchy, shy-guy way, the track manages to both woo and saddle us with emotions.

Log Across the Washer's Pancakes tape just came out through Crash Symbols and you can pick that up here.