Lonelyspeck, "Happy New Year"

Post Author: Andre G

As we round out the first week of the new year, most of us are probably sick of hearing about the first this or that and the “new slate” platitudes strolling down our timelines. Before you close the door completely though, don’t be fooled by Australian artist Lonelyspeck’s latest, “Happy New Year.” The song is anything but gimmickry—it’s a cavernous, arresting reminder of the desolate musings that so many long to wipe away come January.
Lonelyspeck noted on Facebook that the song’s title is a reference to him writing the moody, introspective track as the clock struck midnight in his native Adelaide last January 1st. This year, “Happy New Year” reaches the public as a taste of his upcoming Lave EP, which will be his second.
The six minute track showcases a subdued, ambient soundscape that Lonelyspeck softly croons amidst, delivering pensive lyrics such as “it’s too quiet with the windows shut.” The track consists of three notable sonic demarcations: a slow simmer of an introduction, a synth and 808-driven electronic-R&B fusion and a final transition that explores Lonelyspeck’s experimental curiosities. Each transition pulls from the previous, maintaining the track’s furtive atmosphere.
Lave will be available on TEEF records via digital distribution on March 3rd. You can pre-order here. You can stream “Happy New Year” below.