Look at this 14-year old witch house hipster

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glass popcorn

Someday we will regale our grandpups with tales of the funny typography us early millennium types used to express our sentences. I'm not referring to Witchspeak, the process of converting simple English sentences into a series of crosses, triangles, and obscure wing dings previously last seen exciting flyers for high school bake sales. I'm talking to uppercase letters. Like 'I', for example. 14-year olds know what's up:

i'm a 14 year old boy in arizona and i produce music under the name glass popcorn… i would greatly appreciate it if you would take a couple minutes to listen to my new single “TED DANSON” (attached). it would be extremely awesome of you to additionally give me any comments or feedback regarding the song, or my other music, which can be found at soundcloud.com/glasspopcorn

Our comment: Don't stop making stuff that sounds like this.

Glass Popcon, “†ED D∆NSON”