Lord RAJA, “Van Go” (feat. Jeremiah Jae)

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Lord RAJA’s output leading into his upcoming A Constant Moth possesses a dominance of the sound that only a deity could weld. Previous singles “Darwin” and “Throw Them Out (System)” exist in stark contrast, the predecessor a trap subterfuge of Southern screw complicated by outfield techniques and the latter, an urban jungle of systematic drum pattern paranoia. Deep in intent, neither track was “lead single” material, but rather equipped for the real heads who’ll slyly trickle it into a Boiler Room set unbeknownst to the posing and posturing poster children for the BRKWYDLYN tumblr.

Enter the third single,  “Van Go”, featuring the guest vocals of enigmatic rapper Jeremiah Jae. The real single, the club banger that A Constant Moth had buried in its monolithic fortress of deep webs. Without Jeremiah Jae, “Van Go” is a mover equipped for low end systems that coexists with the house originators and innovators. The addition of Jeremiah Jae, particularly when he seemingly lapses into an uncontrolled purge of stream of conscious rap, prevents the ethereal moments of “Van Go” from vaporizing through the ventilation ducts. And much like the sealed exits in “Van Go”, Lord RAJA’s A Constant Moth is requesting that we not check out for 2014 without giving him an honest listen.

Lord RAJA’s A Constant Moth is out December 2 on Ghostly International.