Lux Pacific, "Edge of Horizon"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

The Beach Boys have done it, The Mamas & The Papas have done it, and now it’s time for Lux Pacific to take a crack at the “California” sound. What’s better is that the man behind the music, James Ruehlman, is a former Midwest native, making his impression of California fresh and informative. His latest single, “Edge of Horizon” is simultaneously electrifying and melancholic. It comes from a place of appreciation, though– while Ruehlman was touring as a DJ, he graciously picked up two hitchhikers, and they all rode along the historic, and stunning Pacific Coast Highway. The drive inspired Ruehlman to create Lux Pacific, significantly inspired by the wonder that is California.
“Edge of Horizon” introduces Lux Pacific’s style, showing Ruehlman’s creative tendencies and his ability to create an almost surf-rock sound through pop-centered riffs. His tone is spacious, bringing us in and out of consciousness, a dreamy and delectable three minutes.

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