Madwiz, "Fronto"

Post Author: Andre G

“The new Brooklyn sound.”
That’s what Brooklyn rhymer Madwiz and the rest of the Mogul Club collective are aiming to ideate with their music. Thankfully though, they’re not trying to achieve that with music revealing an unhealthy obsession with their place in the New York canon, just dope rhymes from a range of angles. Take Madwiz’ “Fronto,” for instance. He took a smooth TKYO Kim production to the essence: dope, free associative rhymes about him and his crew.
He rhymes about how it’s best to “stay in ya’ lane, or I’ll stain ya’ lane.” About the groupies trying to get too close to the crew. He raps vividly about his pre-show routine. Madwiz managed to craft a track that would fit comfortably in the midst of a Redman, Duck Down mix while still maintaining a refreshing allure, from the lingo to the funky beat selection.
He also gave “Fronto” a @swissarmyguys-directed video that matches the song’s effortless cool. Everything comes together on “Fronto” to appease his growing fanbase and sustain anticipation for his next project.