Madwiz, “Fronto”

“Stay in ya lane, or I’ll stain ya lane.”

Hardwork Movement, “For The People”

Their first EP with the full live band.

6 Rappers Who Are Still Killin’ It (+ Stream Not the 1s’ Latest Track)

They’re still amazing.

Week in Pop: Caleb Groh, The Folk, Tight Eye, William Alexander

New God, Shepherds, XL Middleton, young truck, ft. guest selections by Semi Hendrix.

Vintage Flows Edition

Archived freestyles, return to form rhymers, and retro-fitted youngins.

Action Bronson, “Strictly 4 My Jeeps”

This one has us fondly reminiscing of EPMD, jeep music, and Reggie Noble videos.

The Tribute to Christopher Wallace Edition

The Top 5 bars that will always love Big Pappa.

The Top 5: Bars hotter than Obama

Top shelf lines that relegated Barack Obama's Presidential Speech to Hot Song of the Week.

Gorgeous Children

Dare iz a darkside in modern rap as cloud shifts into the occult.

Five genius lines less confusing than this photo

Dissing your former boss and jacking a beat from the Bawss.


Lambchop's "The Song That Doesn't End" gets competition.

Snoop & Wiz Khalifa make pot film

Nothing like sharing blunt saliva to inspire film making.

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