Maker & Joe Beats split LP

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Falcon By Design

Fieldwerk Recordings is dropping its third split producers album with Joe Beats and Maker sharing the accolades on Falcon By Design. Both producers are responsible for some of the finest produced records to come out of the early Aughts underground hip hop movement. Maker collaborated with Chicago MC Qwel for a series of records that explored the four seasons, while Joe Beats assisted Sage Francis on the Non-Prophets record HOPE. Each producer quietly dropped some of hip hop's best kept secrets(Maker's Shooting The Breeze and Joe Beats' Indie Rock Blues) that have remained uncelebrated either from limited pressing or limited press.

Chances are if you're geeking out over this split LP you're of limited company. The beauty in a well-conceived split LP is the opportunity to indulge in two artists you may not normally check out for the price of one. We've got tracks from each side of the red vinyl release, so that you may begin branching out in either direction.

Joe Beats, “Seldom Seen”

Maker, “Yap In My Pillow”

Falcon By Design is out May 30 on Fieldwerk Recordings.