Many Mansions, “Long Slow Drive”

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Many Mansions

Many Mansions is the manifestation of reclusive hours spent by Chang Dhan in New York City, toiling away at loop pedals, synths, and samplers. While Many Mansions has expanded in the past into an all-out afrobeat expression with accompanying players, Dhan is reverting the project back to its origin state for Night Nesh, his first album on MJ MJ Records.

Mostly instrumental, Night Nesh is an extension of Many Mansions exploration of astral and intergalactic planes, seeking the soundtrack for worlds yet to be defined and alternate realities where parallels do not sustain, but intersect. On “Long Slow Drive” Chang finds the middle ground between a Badalamenti-esque pace of lounge and dub, which when played through synthesizers, transcends the touchtones. “Long Slow Drive” feels like it was transmitted back to us from the future, rather than unearthed in a time capsule.

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