Matthewdavid, Jewelry

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matthewdavid, jewelry

Leaving Records founder Matthewdavid dropped Jewelry into the blogosphere and let it chill for mass consumption. If the Rakim-third-eye-vision album art is not enough to encourage your download (even though it very well should be!), then let the Rolling Stones “Miss You” on syzzzrup sample on “Gold Rope (Stones flip)” do the persuading.

Matthewdavid, “Gold Rope (Stones flip)”

Matthewdavid is a mighty generous label head. While Jewelry isn't pushing beat music into new territory, it is a fun exercise in screwed samples and traditional LA vibes that would be worth the cost of a cassette. Getting it for zero stones makes it all the more enjoyable. So buy a Leaving cassette today in gratitude.

Download Jewelry here.