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San Francisco super group Maus Haus made noise with last year's debut Lark Marvels. The synth-mayhem continues with a new 7″ that includes a digital EP.

The A-side “Winter” plots like a sparse piano ballad, until the buzzing bass explodes into the mix. My how the Maus Haus clan has grown as song writers. Gone is the simplicity of riding a catchy two tone hook like the one used on “Rigid Breakfast” into pop oblivion. The layers on “Winter” are subtly baroque before cascading into a heavy jam that has Flaming Lips-like basslines crashing against the quaint piano refrain.

It was amusing to read journalists attempt to classify the Maus Haus sound when Lark Marvels was circulating. Maus Haus make it impossible for critics and classifiers to return to Beta Band, Captain Beefheart and Ratatat comparisons on its new 7″, especially the b-side which is sufficiently titled “Zig-Zag” and is melee of psyched out circus music and Elvis Costello circa This Year's Model on excess amounts of speed. Ok, it's a little like Captain Beefheart, so hold on to that one.

Winter/Zig-Zag 7″ is out now on Rocinante Records. By ordering the 7″ you will receive Sea-Sides a downloadable three song EP.

Maus Haus, “Winter”