Mexicans With Guns teams with Toy Selectah

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Gun Selectah

When collaborating on a EP, one of the most logical conclusions when selecting a one-off moniker is to take two of the most bad ass words in each party's name and combine them into a new name that magnifies the bad assery. San Antonio's Mexicans With Guns and Monterrey Mexico's Toy Selectah have magnified properly with its Gun Selectah project, avoiding the misstep of mislabeling it “Mexican Toys,” which is far too soft-batch for the group's lighta-lifting Latin electro. Also, Mexicans With Guns looks even more intimidating in his Día De Los Meurtos mask performing as a member of Gun Selectah – can't say the same were it Mexican Toys.

Gun Selectah's self-titled debut will be released on a limited-edition (500 pressed), two-song 7″ format, along with an expansive digital release featuring a third original track and remixes from LOL Boys, Matt Shadetek, DJ Orion, Sonora, and more.

The Gun Selectah 7″ is out September 27 on Friends of Friends.