Meyhem Lauren, Mandatory Brunch Meetings

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Meyhem Lauren, Mandatory Brunch Meetings

After bringing respect back to the Fly Shit, Meyhem Lauren became one of our favorite rappers in the Big Apple. We invited him to our 10-Year Anniversary party, followed him around shows, and toasted wheat grass with him out in Queens. Even if his brunch meeting invitation was not mandated, we'd be there and we'd bring our manners.

Meyhem brings an intensity to his music that is set in stone from the opening moments of his records. On “Mandated Participants” he's got a sit-the-fuck-down-and-listen mentality, like the CEO just walked in, that quiets the small talk in the restaurant as he barks, “I got a fucking question for you. Why the fuck does everybody in the room got on a name tag but you? You feel like you're elite or something? You too good to write your fucking name on the tag? Like I said, you are mandated to be here. This is a fucking mandatory brunch meeting. Get your fucking hand off the salmon too. We got utensils. Don't stick your hand in the middle of the fish, you piece of shit.” Do not show up to brunch with Meyhem in a wrinkled shirt, you will get the shit slapped out of you. Once he gets everyone's full attention the business meeting moves to the dirtbag spot for $10 lap dances with Harry Fraud.

He brings top notch smack talk to MBM. On “10 Dollar Lap Dances” he leads in with “Raw Dealer / Fly like Blake Griffin over a 4-wheeler”, while his slanguage gets thickly accented on “Persian Rugbys” with “crispy sneakers plus a leather hat / Laurenavichi sever rap / new slang's implemented / catch my niggas rocking style that a pimp invented”. While claiming a lavish lifestyle is nothing new in rap, Lauren speaks with details that prove he's not just name dropping designer fabrics and Zagat-rated restaurants, but he's sporting the gear and ordering off the menu. He knows about the cedar plank salmon, but he needs to speak with the chef about enhancing his dining experience.

Download Mandatory Brunch Meetings here via MISHKA/Greedhead