Michael Yonkers: Dark 60's psych god

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Michael Yonker and the mumbles

Is it possible that while creating the songs that would make up the album Microminature Love,
Michael Yonkers had prophetic visions of the Dead Kennedys, Joy
Division, Pere Ubu, and The Fall? Because while Yonkers sat in some basement or garage in the middle of
Minnesota, he made something so ahead of it's time, that it quickly
made its way onto the shelves of Sire Records, not seeing the light of
day until 2003 when people had the good mind to reissue it.

While I can concede that Yonkers may not have been a prophet, he
certainly was a visionary, and another previously “lost” album bearing
his name is getting the reissue treatment thanks to De Stijl Records.
His pre-Microminature Love band, Michael and the Mumbles were Nuggets-era
outsiders who sounded something like a Midwestern cousin of Roky Erickson
and the 13th Floor Elevators, and their self-titled album lends even
more evidence to the fact that Michael Yonkers should be considered
among Arthur Lee, Captain Beefheart, and Kim Fowley, as one of the eras greatest eccentric geniuses.