Microkingdom's unjazz No Jazz

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Microkingdom, Three Compositions of No Jazz

The ever-varied Friends Record aim to alter minds and jazz fingers with the release of Microkingdom's Three Compositions of No Jazz, out this month.

The trio of Dr. Will Redman (percussion), Marc Miller (guitar), and John Dierker (reeds), call it “zone variance of extra-cognitive spiritual magnetism, or No Jazz.” We once called it unjazz. You may call it what you wish, though there's certainly no answers in the cerebral playfulness going on between these three performers, nor any obvious codes passing between the tracks to help spell out One Big Idea: the avant skronk of “Peppermint Crab” is a distant cousin to the soft-tread night ballad “Aire Metal”.

The elegantly odd Three Compositions will be released in a series of 500 on black and white vinyl.

Microkingdom, “Aire Metal”

Microkingdom, “Peppermint Crab”