Mikal Cronin, “Soul In Motion”

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mikal cronin

In a new installment of the always-stellar, never-failing Famous Class LAMC splits, Mikal Cronin is on his best behavior. Using his signature mixture of soft and loud, as well as his preoccupation with neuroses and anxiety, Cronin makes another little ditty that will get stuck in your head, if you ever get a chance to turn it off. It's the kind of track that is nuanced in its melodies, it pushes and pulls like every Cronin song does, and though it has you questioning your quality as a human, it also has a payoff. The song ends and you can go back to being a shithead.

This, as well as a phenomenal new track from WAND, are on this 11th edition of the LAMC splits, which you can pick up here through Famous Class.