Milo, I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here

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On the opening cut of Milo's I Wish My Rob Was Here, the Wisconsin MC displays wisdom and taste beyond his years with “I'm leary of the litnany of fashion tumblrs / and the intolerable bevy of hashtag twitter mumblers / I never got over the death of Radio Raheem / and I'm up all night / because I'm afraid of my dreams.” Were Milo pushing 30-years, the loathing and 90's references would be delivered with curmudgeon disdain, but his matter-of-fact spoken style atop a sing-songy beat keeps “Omar Don't Scare” light-hearted.

It sets the tone for the remainder of I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here (a fun nod to Del The Funkee Homosapien's debut). Milo lifts beats from Gold Panda, Shlohmo, Com Truise, Madlib and Flying Lotus for his mixtape, which dissociates the young rapper from his Chicago roots, but hearing him rap in a style akin to Serengeti or Open Mike Eagle, both LA transplants from Chicago, places him back in the Midwest. Much like Geti and Mike Eagle to an extent, Milo's harshest critic is himself. In a battle his opponent would be hard pressed to outwit Milo's acute criticisms of “I don't want to wear technicolor bowties / and I'm sure you could surmise / I'm not the type to ghostride.” Still in all his humble and often self-deprecating wit, he sneaks in darts of “arbitrarily call myself the greatest rapper alive / without ever consulting any of you other rhyming guys” that prove he's as self-assured as he is aware.

Download Milo's I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here here.