Milo, Milo takes Baths

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Milo Takes Baths

On Milo Takes Baths, the Wisconsin rhyming guy known as Milo raps as though he's buoyant in a sensory deprevation chamber. He strings together his thoughts as they creep up; it's a wonder they also rhyme. He's still yet to find his own beats, but we can't fault Milo for that since he sounds right at home over Baths' production. We hope no one has minded thus far.

Milo Takes Baths is an extension of the polite and nerdy world of Milo, who's in a tug-of-war with modern living. He dedicates “Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria needs your help” to a skype date, but relates”it depresses me I can use Google maps to find your house / I swear to goodness the Internet takes all the adventure out.” He's frustrated with being a rapper, since he hates most rappers (as much as Tipper Gore). Milo has plenty of gripes, but he's sharp-witted in telling us why, which makes him a lovable grouch – the big hair and Baths beats help.

Download Milo Takes Baths here and stream it here.