Maxwell, Blue Label R&B Vol.1

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This mixtape, containing both old and new work from R&B singer Maxwell, is different from the typical rap mixtape in a few ways. For one, there are no bomb sound effects going off every thirty seconds. Also, a DJ never comes on to yell at you for being a hater, to threaten finding where you live and to kill you. And finally, the songs are all full length, just like the stuff you'd find on an actual album, so that's nice. I love rap mixtapes, but it sure is nice to change things up every now and again, and Maxwell is just too tight to deny some air time. Just like the cover says, Maxwell's new album Black Summer's Night is out now.

Maxwell, “Bad Habits”

Maxwell, “Somethin' Somethin'” Live at the Apollo, 1996

Download the whole mixtape here.