MIYNT, “The Strangest Game”

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Stockholm artist MIYNT broke onto the electro-pop scene last year with her“Nick Drake/Civil War” 7” single. Her ethereal voice melted into the dense soundbeds and stirred anticipation for her future work. MIYNT’s debut EP, EP no. 1 is due this fall. Yesterday, she released “The Strangest Game,” the first single from the forthcoming project.

“The Strangest Game” picks up where last year’s work left off. MIYNT’s delicate vocals bond seamlessly with a gorgeous composition crafted by Daniel Nigro. She describes the song’s subject as “the first phase of falling in love, when the person that you’re falling for is still a mystery.”

“The Strangest Game” begins with majestic, coronation-ready strings before MIYNT lets loose on the game of wits and restraint that is the courting stage. “Poker face, hard to tell. Keep your cards to yourself,” she sings, before gliding through a succulent, mightily blissful chorus.

MIYNT’s songwriting is deliberate and terse, which makes perfect way for the drifting highs of the chorus. “The Strangest Game” is a profound take on the emotional ambiguities of love.

You can stream “The Strangest Game“ below.