Molly Moore, “Just A Dream”

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Thank whatever higher power there may be that Molly Moore‘s parents raised her in a musical household, and helped to nurture her sound. She has worked behind the scenes writing for many electronic artists, and her work has experienced quite a bit of television placement. Her debut EP was released in 2015, and she is ready to rev up her career a bit more as a painfully beautiful solo act.

This song another level of smooth. Molly’s dusty, gorgeous vocals are sprinkled over simple percussion early, laying the foundation for a song that should – in all honesty – be a hit single. At 0:41, the beat picks up and the instrumentals become more heavy, but at the same time they’re still relaxed and vulnerable. The way the vocals and the instrumentals play off of each other and Molly’s musical stylings actually remind us of Imogen Heap, and we’re floored by this remarkably gorgeous song that questions reality.

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