Monster Rally's Coral LP remixed

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Coral II: The Remixes

How is it Monster Rally has yet to take over the indie world at large? Why are we being subjected to the motion sickness of trends that can be summarized as nausea-waves, while Monster Rally goes unnoticed? The artwork alone should sway interest in his direction. Whatever it may be that is keeping Monster Rally off the grid (hermitic anonymity?), we shall continue to big up the Midwest tropicalia-hopper with loving bytes of coverage. We shall continue to talk smack on, while “Siberian Girls” jams out in the background.

Monster Rally released the Coral LP in January, which had us stoked on the power of its warming vibes. While the journos might have their heads up their asses, the remix community responded properly to Coral with 16 new takes on the album. Coral II: The Remixes is streaming at Monster Rally's bandcamp with fresh takes from Teen Daze, Yalls, Roman Ruins, Superhumanoids and Monste Rally himself, to name a few.

Gold Robot Records also announced a re-pressing of Monster Rally's Crystal Ball 12″ with 4 previously unreleased tracks tagged on. The 12″ is a limited pressing of 250, so do not sleep. The label is taking pre-orders now for a November 1 release date.