Moon Bounce, “Commuter Jams”

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Moon Bounce

Philly's Corey Regensberg, pka Moon Bounce, is an alchemist of electronic embers and elements. Under the Moon Bounce moniker, Regensberg manipulates the tropes of progressive hip hop and synth pop with a marksman's precision, firing off synchopated vocal flips in rapid, rhythmic sequences.

He previously released material on Chill Mega Chill and last month he became the GS001 release on the Grind Select roster, dropping the Dress Rehearsal EP. The EP is a four-song cycle of glitchy, futuristic r&b meditations that push the feeling of aural sensation. It's an EP that contextualizes our past understandings of r&b—from artists like D'Angelo and Babyface—and positions them in the progressive iterations of Ableton-capable agents. His most recent effort is reflected in his selections for the Friday Night series with the inclusion of Pattern Is Movement's cover of D'Angelo's “Untitled (How Does It Feel?)” and Jaw Jam's equally elusive “Untitled (Change The Game)”. Moon Bounce understands the zen trances that come with hours passed in the constraints of transit and processes it neatly in his guest mix.

Intended for the doldrums of commuter life, Moon Bounce had the following to say regarding his curated mix:

I chose a bunch of tunes that I've deemed essential travel music. Considering my love affair with New York, I spend a lot of time on the road. Sometimes in a car, sometimes on a train or bus. These tracks have stood the test of time and are regularly selected as the suburban blur's aural counterpart. I think there is a great opportunity to get down with your Zen in an automobile. Of course, sometimes I choose to occupy the aggressive waking mind with some real gut punchers. However, those moments are a rare pick-me-up amongst a sea of cushy haze. Ride a train to this. <3

01 Gerry Read – Turn
02 Electric Birds – Astral Traveling
03 Kelpe – Go Visible
04 Clark – Skyward Bruise / Descent
05 James Holden – Renata
06 The Knife – One For You
07 Jaw Jam – Untitled (change the game)
08 Popeska ft. Denny White – Heart of Glass (Moon Bounce Remix)
09 Pattern Is Movement – Untitled (How Does It Feel?)
10 Moon Bounce – Whore

Moon Bounce's Dress Rehearsal EP is out now on Grind Select.