More Eaze, D0M@N3

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If the vastness  and democracy of the Internet is creating advanced humans able to process data at alarming rates, Marcus Rubio of More Eaze is among them. The latest More Eaze tape, D0M@N3, is described by Rubio as “indebted to footwork, experimental composition, Internet music, folk, and plunderphonics and attempts to blur the lines of where these styles begin and end.” There is a casual indifference to genre that somehow unites the collection. By the entirely acoustic folk strum of “misremembered” it feels like an intermission, rather than a disruption from the experimental electronic meditations.

Midi plays a recurring role in “c0nte(x)(n)t” and “f00d” that unifies the sides. In fact, by “f00d”, the tape has passed through so many rooms of varying decor that it’s easy to forget it opened with a ambient chant of “(lost)”—which feels indebted to the ceremonial sex cult scenes of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. To reduce D0M@N3 to the suggestion of a singular work within would be an injustice to the collection. The title “c0nte(x)(n)t” is enough insight into Rubio’s headspace to know better.  There are groove vignettes and ambient sound baths tucked within each single, that demand attention spans. D0M@N3 asks more of its listener, a half an hour of your day to consider the stemma of footwork and folk.

More Eaze’s D0M@N3 is out now on cassette via Never Anything Records.