Mourn Dissolve Into Laughter With “Irrational Friend”

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Mourn floored us with their self-titled debut album is 2014, taking up only 24 minutes with their hypnotic, alternative rock art. We had it on repeat, and our knack for learning lyrics quickly actually benefitted more from the length of the album. Their sophomore release–Ha, Ha, He.–clocks in at just above 26 minutes.

It’s remarkable.

“Irrational Friend” is their newest release off of Ha, Ha, He. Despite the fact that it sits at just 1:26, there are enough vocals and layers in this song to let it stand on its own. With its high energy vocals and stellar bass line, it’s pretty interesting to see that the lyrics signify an ending. “I want to end the chapter” shouts Rodriguez Bueno, dissolving into a fit of giggles.

Ha, Ha, He. is set for release June 3.