Mt. Si is a Cascine supergroup

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Cascine has debuted many collaborative projects like Airbird and Napolian’s Mr. Foolish LP, Spazzkid’s “Daytime Disco” single with Neon Bunny, and Lemonade’s “Dancer” b-side with Dee Dee of Dum Dum Girls. It’s even noteworthy to throw the international pen pals project Yumi Zouma into that list. But, Mt. Si is undoubtedly the label’s first supergroup, sporting members from Superhumanoids, Kisses, and Classixx.

Mt. Si is bound by LA. The group consists of Superhumanoids’ Sara Chernoff, Jesse Kivel of Kisses, and Classixx’s Michael David. The organic formation came in a Classixx session, writing a song that was meant to appear on an upcoming record but gave the three friends the indication that something larger was at play. That was four years ago.

And yet the single “Either/Or” is a vibrant pop jam that echoes distant decades, but its shine suggests the incandescence of fresh life. Chernoff handles the vocals, adding playful giggles that warm to the bubbly baseline groove. Subtle touches that humanize Mt. Si’s electronic pop sound. It prevents “Either/Or” from feeling polished into sterilization or worse, replicating coy like the mall pop it vaguely recalls. Mt. Si sidestep all trappings on “Either/Or” and glow warmest on the hook to counteract Chernoff’s chilly refrain.

Mt. Si’s The Limits EP is out on vinyl February 5 on Cascine.