Mykki Blanco, Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss

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Mykki Blanco, Cosmic Angel

My introduction to Blanco was during a performance at UNO NYC's CMJ Showcase in a Greenpoint warehouse. Below a triangular- screen display Blanco swayed around the DJ booth, swinging her braids, and rapping about her brain being broken. Days prior a friend introduced me to the “Wavy” video, which is undeniable. Seeing Myyki Blanco command a stage over sub-woofing science with Death Grips' Zach Hill and MC Ride lurking in the crowd confirmed her as a buzz figure, if there were any doubters in attendance. Blanco's Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss is her truest artistic realization though. It will be her Ex-Military, to draw comparisons to her future touring mates.

Cosmic Angels flexes production from Gobby, Nightfeelings, Flosstradamus, Sinden and Matrixxman, and Brenmar, but occupies a united sound in dark-wave synth constructions that are deep, wonky, and bass-heavy. With the help from LE1F, Blanco makes plans to fuck the DJ, while “YungRhymeAssasin” issues a classic break call out of “yo, stop frontin' and use your head” before Mykki fires off five minutes of venom. “Mind fuck a bitch / and call my dick Magneto” could have been a Danny Brown lyric, but Mykki beat him to the punchline.

Download Mykki Blanco's Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss mixtape here.