Naomi Pilgrim, “I Wonder”

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Naomi Pilgrim

After the release of the title track, “Sink Like A Stone”, Naomi Pilgrim is back with “I Wonder”, the second single from her upcoming EP.

The electro-pop leaning offering is another hint toward the direction of Pilgrim’s maturation as an artist. Relying on a rubbery bassline and blurting, sugary synths, the uptempo track is in sonic lockstep with “Sink Like A Stone”. Whereas the former was a brazen political statement however, the lyrics of “I Wonder” exhibit an air of ambiguity.

“The snow subsides and summer comes with a lesson learned,” Pilgrim croons, before imploring to “hold the fire down, careful not to make a spark” over minimalist 808 drums.

“We’ll come apart if I see you go,” Pilgrim warns her subject, while the churning melodies and a resounding bridge keeps the listener aims to entrance the listener.

Sink Like a Stone will be released June 3 on Cosmos. You can listen to “I Wonder” below.