narou – “Upside Down”

Berlin-based musician shares tantalizing slice of indietronica

Berlin-based artist narou has released his latest single “Upside Down” on Good Luck Kid Records, and it’s a must-listen. Following the success of his previous releases “lost” and “Running in Circles,” this new track is a tantalizing blend of indie and electronica, with organic percussion and warm electronic synths that showcase the artist’s versatility.

Splitting his time between Berlin and Bali, narou’s music is reflective of key issues and moments in his life, and his creative process allows him to transform thoughts into beautiful melodies.

“Upside Down” is full of emotion, centered around the idea of meeting someone who completely turns your world upside down. The lyrics speak to the idea that sometimes, unexpected people come into our lives, and that by being true to ourselves, we can attract those who are on the same level mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

“​​This is a track about meeting someone that completely turns your world upside-down,” he shared. Timing is everything and sometimes people come into our lives totally unexpected. By truly being ourselves we will attract people that are on the same level, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.”

You can give narou’s “Upside Down” a spin below: