NE-HI, “Since I've Been Thinking”


The Bandcamp page of Chicago's NE-HI reveals that the group began as a project to score a friend's film, and the vibe couldn't be more accurate. On “Since I've Been Thinking”, a psychedelic runthrough of spaced-out guitar and monotone vocals, a scene unravels behind the eyes of a bodacious 60s babe walking toward a smoldering man under the LA sun. The band has chosen to continue making music outside of the film realm (a good decision, to be sure), and are releasing their debut album on Manic Static in February. This track was also recorded by friends at Public House Sound Recordings in Chicago, so the full-length will surely be a goldmine of imagined scenes.

Stream NE-HI's “Since I've Been Thinking” and look to their Bandcamp next year for the full-length.