Secret Colours, “It Can't Be Simple”

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Secret Colours

Former six-piece group Secret Colours has leaned out considerably since their sophomore release, Peach, from earlier this year. Now with less 60s psych-pop haze, and more 70s rock and roll ooze, the two members to emerge with a fresh sound have returned to their hometown of Chicago and teamed up with Texas producer Dan Duszunki. The recently premiered single off their forthcoming two-part self-release, Positive Distraction Part I and Part II, is called “It Can't Be Simple” and pairs a staccato organ/playful bass foundation with breezy, Brit-poppy vocals and confident guitar riffs.

Positive Distraction Part I will be released digitally on February 4, 2014 with Part II following on April 29, 2014, in time for the duo's return to Texas for 2014's Austin Psych Fest. Both parts come out on vinyl and cassette on April 29, 2014.