Neon Mountain, "Silver Tree Island"

Post Author: Kat Harding

Dreamy pop band Neon Mountain, hailing from Baton Rouge and New Orleans, is back with a new groovy track titled “Silver Tree Island”. Recorded at the Spiral West Studios in Baton Rouge, the track follows suit of their 2015 debut Escape (The Factory) with the same experimental, lawless songwriting and catchy beats. Cohen Hartman, Lee White, Tyler Puckett and Paul Emden have created a bright dreamscape soundtracked by an anthemic tune. Mixed and mastered by Slade Templeton at Influx Studios in Bern, Switzerland, the electro-pop song should be listened to on a warm day while under the sun.
The gentle synths and whispering electric guitar echo to fill the silence, while Hartman’s voice buzzes through. “Got heart, but your spirit is aimless,” he describes what so many of us feel: a small sense of hopelessness while we’re waiting to figure out what to do next; we have the ability to do something great, but sometimes the situation seems overwhelming. Over the course of the five minute track we’re taken on a journey as we search alongside Neon Mountain for someone or something to give them personal peace. But all’s well that ends well, as they “found love on Silver Tree Island, no more need to scan the horizon.” Let’s all hope we’re lucky enough to find our own Silver Tree Island.

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