Pat Keen, "Indigo"

Post Author: JP Basileo

A musician’s relocation of self from booming scenes and loud bands bustling cities, to colder, more isolated environments, is bound to come through not only in the music they play, but also in the way they present themselves as an artist. The debut album of Pat Keen, entitled Albatross, comes as a direct reflection of a shift from playing in Chicago’s Wei Zhongle, and previously touring in Ryan Powers’ band, and Guerilla Toss, to the more bedroom settings of New Hampshire and Minneapolis, where he now resides.
The first single, “Indigo,” is a hashed-out declaration of newly founded introversion and a revealing of its consequent introspection. Lightly effected, ultra-hushed palm-muting sets its own rhythm to start the track, as though rolling a paint-covered ball down a path and telling the gorgeous guitar lead and maraca shakes to follow. It’s simultaneously catchy, alluring, and out there, Keen’s composition jumping from steady danceables to pensive decelerations, and his seemingly multi-bodied voice weightlessly carrying you with it.
Albatross is due out June 2 via Ramp Local.

Pat Keen plays Philadelphia on June 9 @ Everybody Hits…
…followed by the Ramp Local/Wharf Cat Records Northside Showcase on June 10…